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Find out Mr Fixit’s tips

If you are serious about football betting, then you need lớn get to know Mr Fixit’s Tips. The website is a vibrant community of betting enthusiasts. You will hear about all the latest systems and all the gossip that could inform your choices. Today we’re going lớn share our review of Mr Fixit’s tips- Current soccer handicap tip.

Who is Mr Fixit?

Before we go into too much detail about the site, its strengths and its weaknesses, we should give you some background information. Mr Fixit has been the football expert writing for the Daily Record in Scotland for well over 20 years – and he still publishes his columns every Saturday. Credibility enough you might think, but the website has been running for 19 years – an impressive commitment in today’s world of speedy lớn and fro of expert sites.

The site started as a place for Mr Fixit to offer his daily football tips. However, it has grown significantly and has been visited by 1.3 million people and enjoys a thriving online community.

Membership offers

First things first, if you sign up to the site for a year, you receive a free £10 bet lớn try out some of the tips provided. A great opening incentive for a tipster site, where the information provided is usually felt lớn be enough to attract attention. There are nearly 3000 members on the site, and you can get access to exclusive tips and competitions, as well as sharing in some of Mr Fixit’s betting profits. You might not be so impressed by the professionalism of the write-up on the members sign up page, but the extras offered seem genuinely exciting.

Remember, there is no need lớn become a member lớn get a hold of the latest tips and advice. However, if you fancy a bit of VIP access, then you will need lớn commit to £6.99 a month. A real weakness of the site is if you don’t sign up, you will be continually frustrated by the number of enticing tips offered that are hidden behind this paywall- According to the free soccer daily tip pages!

A trip around Mr Fixit’s Tips

The opening page takes you straight lớn the latest football tips. The navigation menu also promises match previews, horse racing, other sports, as well as a page of bookie bonuses. This collection of deals from the bookies’ deals is a useful area lớn stop off at, saving a massive amount of time skipping through the internet and the many offers promoted!

The structure of each page is clear, with professional imagery and a sense that you are dealing with a top publication. There are regular stories written about a range of sports. The stories are informed and worth a visit lớn the site on their own merit.

The quality of the advice

It is hard when writing about tips on football and betting. Your audience is varied. Some of your readers will be fully versed with all the footballing parlance and the betting world. Other readers may not know an accumulator from a permutation. Therefore, getting the level of advice right is tough, and Mr Fixit seems lớn know his people. There is just enough explanation lớn help the novice, without being patronising lớn those who are immersed in the world of football betting.

What is particularly impressive is the advice on how lớn make a profit from betting. There are no silly recommendations to support the latest fads or lớn take a wild punt at a weird combination. Mr Fixit’s Tips are focused on making a profit out of betting. You should always stop if you are not having fun, but it will always be more fun if you have an approach that means you will eventually come out a winner. The best part about this site is the explanation of betting systems. Beware though, there can be some dizzying use of spreadsheet data. Don’t give up on these numbers – they illustrate the methods well – though they take some time lớn unpick.

Mr Fixit’s tips review

Should you visit Mr Fixit’s Tips – sure – there is a lot lớn be gained by checking out the advice and information offered. Is it worth signing up for VIP tips and other content? Maybe not. There are plenty of sites out there that provide the same commentary for free.