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Free Super Tips: A review

Free Super Tips is a website packed full of free betting tips. The site claims lớn provide match previews and stats analysis paired with some high-value, or super, betting tips. The tone of the site is chatty, and there is a lot of banter about the soccer handicap tip.

There are many ways to judge a great tips site, from the quality of the website to the depth of the advice. However, ultimately, you will judge the service based on its ability to suggest winning bets. So, the question becomes: does Free Super Tips deliver?

The Website

This is not the most accessible site lớn review. The site is littered with tips and reviews. The main sport explored is football – and this is clear from the homepage. There is a focus on accumulator bets and odds on the different leagues.

However, there are links to the NBA, the MLB, the NFL, NHL, Darts and Golf. Each sport and league receive daily reviews and tips – though they tend lớn focus on the ones shown live on TV.

It is easy to get lost amongst the detail, even on the home page. The best advice is to scroll down lớn the bottom of the screen, where you usually see the corporate information, and the different tips are listed in a simple grid.

Once you have found your focus, the quantity of tips becomes a bonus and the fact that they are free is refreshing. You will find an easy nhấn through to some of the bookmakers, where you can place the bet. If you are wondering, these click-through referrals are how this affiliate makes its money.

The Info

The details behind the tips, the offer of analysis and statistics offer the punter the chance lớn adapt the advice as they see fit. Therefore, the site does not seem to be suggesting that you follow the odds suggested slavishly. Instead, you should take the information provided and use your own knowledge and intuition to agree, or not.

If anything, there is too much information on the site. It is difficult lớn follow the bets lớn see which are successful and which not, and therefore it is impossible lớn judge the best way to use the site. You are likely best lớn focus in on one sport and one type of bet at a time to make your decision about the success of the advice given.

The accumulator bets are the best part of the site. However, there is a £10 lớn £1000 challenge that is worth a look. This would certainly add a little fun to gambling, and if your initial investment sticks to £10, then the amount of entertainment given is worth the outlay. Any winnings would then be a complete bonus- According lớn the todays soccer prediction pages!

The Quality of the Tips

Scan through customer reviews on the site, and you will see many people rejoicing at the wins they have enjoyed. However, even though some of the accumulator tips have come good, if you look at customer reviews across the internet, and not just on the site, there seems a general trend lớn the site being right about 15% of the time. No gambler goes for a win every time, and it is about spreading your bank and ensuring you come out at a profit at the end of this. The site does little lớn help you manage such a system.

We would suggest that this site is great for the recreational punter who is looking for some guidance for their Saturday accumulator. If you are trying to use the site to help shape a system of betting, then this might not be the right one for you.