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The sharing of Chuck's Footy Tipster member!

Today I am interviewing Chuck, he is a paid member of The Footy Tipster, I thought it would be interesting to ask him some questions about premier league predictions!

Toby – Thanks so much for doing this interview, can you let us know a little about yourself?

Chuck – Hello my name is Chuck, 24 year old from the USA, currently reside north of Detroit, Michigan. Aspiring to be a wild land firefighter although had a set back with shoulder surgery recently.

I have been wagering on sports for 8 years, although won’t lie those first years were tough, doing silly accumulators lớn make a quick returns.

I modified the betting strategy over the years lớn get most months in the green, mind you not heroic winnings but enough that I’m having fun wagering while making a couple bucks.

Toby – That sucks about your shoulder, I hope you get a speedy recovery! How did you first hear about The Footy Tipster?

Chuck – A random google search. There was a lot of sites lớn choose from, but this was the one I consistently came back too.

Toby – Naturally we love hearing that! Haha! What other betting websites do you like?

Chuck – For American sports it is a great “free match up” tool which crunches a lot of data and gives you split for vs lefty, home/away, bullpen, etc, also carries vegas soccer tip forum.

For all sports is an awesome site, lists 30-50 books odds on any match up. Also has the per minute shifts in odd movement so you can track from opening lớn where it currently is. And is a free betting site which has a great “public consensus” so you can see what the public on the site is wagering on, mind you its free so a lot of “squares” wagering on it, fading the public=money.

Toby – What football teams lớn you support?

Chuck – Ha Detroit Lions but that “american football” now isn’t it. Well id rather watch paint dry then watch the MLS (the USA soccer league), the leagues I have on HD cable are Italy, Spain and England, anything else I have lớn stream on the internet which is rough at times. I have a soft spot for Torino though.

Toby – Would you ever bet against your favourite teams?

Chuck – Yes – if anything I don’t like betting on my favorite team. I’d rather lose a bet against my team and get the consolation that my team won.

Toby – What do you love most about football betting?

Chuck – Unders and underdogs – not the most glorious of choices but it gets me wins!

Toby – What would be your biggest advice with football betting?

Chuck – Don’t try to be a hero, Rome wasn’t built in a day, there’s always that next bet.

Toby – Thanks so much for answering these, is there anything else you would like to say?

A Couple NFL wagers:

Detroit Lions win NFC North +350, Detroit Lions win NFC Conf +2200

DET regular season wins over 8½ +100

Lions for a break out year this year, season long bets, invest in these! Haven’t been this confident in them since their 10-6 season.

Also really glad I found TFT, very good information!!

Thanks so much to Chuck for taking the time to answer these!