Rating The Grinch - The Christmas invaders are worth seeing this winter


Before the film was released, two other versions were also made. Seuss. The classic 1966 version of the legendary cartoon character Chuck Jones, who created the famous Tom and Jerry movies that any other person in the world must know. Call it a classic version because it's almost exactly the spirit of Grinch's original work, portrayed by Boris Karloff (who also made the story), so to speak. A huge monument is hard to beat. This is also proven with a score of up to 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4 on IMDb.

                                                                            Version 1966 (photo: blogs.staffs.ac.uk)

Meanwhile, comedian Jim Carrey's comedian version of 2000 did not get the response and love of his predecessor. Although it won Oscars for Best Animated Feature, the content of this version did not impress as the animated version was shown before, but it goes in a darker and more bright direction. Create new storylines to match the duration of a movie theater. In addition, many viewers consider Jim Carrey's acting Overact or overreact, but no one dares to deny that The Grinch character is a character dedicated to Jim Carrey.

So how is this version of Illumination judged? Let's take a look at some of the key factors in the success of the movie:

The Grinch character

Grinch's appearance in the 2018 version appears to be in between when compared to the previous two. The 1966 version was inspired by the shape of Dr. Dre's book. Seuss, and Jim Carrey's version is a bit ugly to fit in our real world. The Grinch by Benedict Cumberbatch is more gentle, perhaps to match the way that directors Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier wanted to build the character. Although the more gentle but The Grinch version retains the classic evil grin that any viewer can recognize. His walk and gestures have been well-orchestrated by Illumination, fitting both to badness and to giving laughter to the viewer.

                                                           The Grinch looks more gentle (Photo: Screen Rant)

Most importantly, it was Benedict Cumberbatch's voice acting and it was clearly different from the previous two. If Boris Karloff had a low voice, Jim Carrey would have had his voice bizarre, Benedict had a higher tone and perfectly suited to the character's ghost. The audience is not too surprised with the change of voice coming from the British actor if they know that he has played the role requires the voice completely different as the voice of the human core Khan in Star Trek, Smaug dragon in the movie The Hobbit and American accent when he plays Dr.. Strange in the Marvel films.

                                                         Benedict Cumberbatch as The Grinch (Photo: Aceshowbiz)

Refresh content

The grinch version of the 2018 is also monstrous, very cheetosome and "ugly" character is no less the two predecessors, but he is more depth if placed on the scale. Can say Mr.. Grinch has also undergone a complicated inner struggle throughout the film because he is not entirely a grumpy creature. The reason why Grinch wants to steal Whoville's Christmas is simple and viewers understand why he's acting so far, far from the complicated 2000s.

                                                                  The Grinch at a young age (Photo: Hypebeast)

It is clear that the target audience for Illumination is children, but stories that are interwoven into the film are practical for adults as well, and it is not difficult for those stories to be. Touching the hearts of the audience. Max Dog and Cindy Lou Who (Whoville villagers have the word Who is behind their names) are two of the most important characters in The Grinch's story. Max and Grinch's relationship in this movie was very detailed, and if you skip the main plot, the audience may have seen a movie about the owner and the dog. Cindy Lou has a story for her and she is very closely associated with the protagonist's plot. She has very mature thoughts and actions, but she does not lack the innocent part of a child that viewers can sympathize with. In addition, this version also includes the addition of reindeer Fred, a character that many fans love and also play an important role even though the volume does not appear much.

From left: Max, Cindy Lou and Fred

Voice of the story

The original book of Dr. Seuss is written in verses so parents can read to their children before going to sleep so the narrator's voice in the movie is very important. Surprise, the person who made the story in the 2018 version is the singer Pharrell Williams, famous for the song Happy in the second part of the I Am of the Illumination series. Illumination wants their version of The Grinch to fit into today's age, so picking a rapper like Pharrell is easy to understand. Many viewers may like the familiar voice of an older man, but Pharrell's narrative gives a new breath to the Grinch character and also contributes to his inner expressions. Besides, the person who made the narration for the Vietnamese dubbing will be actor Li Hai so hopefully he will also show his own character when this is the first time he has taken on the voice role. in a movie.

Singer Pharrell Williams (Photo: TheNeptunes)

Other factors

Animation in the film is also impressive, especially the scenery from the top of Crumpit Mountain, home to The Grinch. Other character characters in the movie are also inspired by other Illumination films, such as viewers who will see the similarity between non-humans in this movie with The Lorax in the year. 2012, a movie also based on the book of the same name by Dr.. Seuss. Music is also an integral part of a Christmas theme film with countless familiar songs and refreshing mainstream songs. "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch "from the 1966 version could get an Oscar nomination.


With a new approach, but keep the message of the meaning of the Christmas holiday comes from the original of Dr.. Seuss, as well as two previous films, The Grinch is sure to be a popular choice for the year-end holidays.

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